To the Pointe

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Clara's magical dreamworld

World premiere: December 2. 2015

Producer and choreograph:  Benedicte Marie Bjerke
Music:  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Edvard Grieg
Costume: Patricia Storelli
Scenography: Bjerg Design

Clara: Lore Jehin
Nutcracker: Sigmund Hegstad
Sugar Plum Fairy: Julie Schartum Dokken
Snow Queen: Nora Martine Svenning
Beast: Tony Tran

It's christmas eve and Clara have for a very long time been waiting patiently to open her christmas presents, but she can not wait any longer. She sneaks down to the christmas tree and opens her christmas presents. Inside the christmas boxes there is a Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, the Beast and the Nutcracker. Clara gets so exited that she dances around with her new dolls. In all her joy and happiness she gets so tired and falls asleep next to the christmas tree with her dolls in her arms. She starts to dream and in her dream the dolls becomes to live. Clara's magical dreamworld inspires to have good friendship and to believe in that good always wins over evil.

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